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Irie Negroni  15

Campari, toasted coconut infused Jamaican Rum, Sweet Vermouth, coconut liqueur

Le Jardin  15

Agricole Blanc Rhums, Salers, Blanc Vermouth

Benefitting Slow Food with 


Classic daiquiris are the cornerstone of rum drinks.

Here’s some modern takes on the daiquiri formula as well as the classic
variations that paved the way - all crisp and rum-forward.

Daiquiri No. 1 … 15

The Trifecta: Cuban-style rum, lime & sugar

Daiquiri No. 2 … 15

with dashes of dry curaçao and orange juice

Daiquiri No. 3 … 15

with dashes of maraschino liqueur & grapefruit

They are called "classic" for a reason...

Pina Colada … 15

Puerto Rican rum, house-made coconut cream, fresh pineapple and lime, served frozen or on crushed ice

Mojito … 15

Cuban style rum, clove-mint syrup, fresh lime and mint

Rumba Mai Tai … 16

House barrel aged Wray & Nephew, Rhum JM Gold, fresh lime, curaçao, orgeat*

Corn n’ Oil  … 16

Rich, funky rums, falernum*, lime, bitters

*our falernum and orgeat contain almonds
^mix contains dairy & egg


Fun, rum-forward concoctions from the Rumba staff...

Sunglasses Indoors … 18

Plantatin 5yr Barbados Rum, Amaricano Bianca Amaro, strawberry, avocado pit orgeat, lemon, nori

Pillow Fight … 17

Ten to One White Rum, Blanco Tequila, Stiggins Pineapple Rum, lime, sage, rosé syrup, grenadine

Panda Porn … 16

Rhum Agricole blanc, Swedish Punsch, ginseng tea, Szechuan peppercorn, goji berry, lime, passionfruit

Pomme Pomme … 17

Rhum Agricole, Pisco, green apple, Suze, verjus, french cider

Sierra Mixe-A-Lot … 17

Oaxacan Rum, poblano, mango, tomatillo, lime, jalapeño, savory spices

My Cherry Amour … 18

Dark & funky rums, Ramazzotti amaro, tart cherry liqueur, pineapple & lemon juice


Spirit forward and full flavored

Rumba Old Fashioned … 16

A blend of our favorite rums, Banane du Brésil, falernum*, bitters

A Rhum with a Vieux … 16

Aged Rhum Agricole, Cognac, Jamaican rum, demerara, bitters, absinthe

Long Story Short … 17

Rhum JM Agricole, Cocchi Americano, gin, passionfruit 

Smokin' Room … 19

Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask Rum, Brucato Orchard Amaro**, peated scotch blend, apricot,
px sherry, black lemon bitters

*our falernum and orgeat contain almonds
**Brucato Orchard contains walnuts


Caribbean flavors, never too sweet.

Daiquiri de Plata … 16

Brugal Añejo, Passionfruit Liqueur, lime, and a dash of herbal liqueur

Surf School Swizzle … 16

Cuban Style rum, Angostura bitters, orgeat*, banana, lime

Midnight Ride … 17

Hamilton Pot Still Black Rum, Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy, pineapple, apricot, lemon, honey, allspice 

Little Patch … 17

Gray Whale Gin***, Rum, herbal spirit, melon liqueur, yuzu, lemongrass, lime leaf and lime juice

Red Wedding … 17

Smoky Mezcal, overproof Jamaican rum, Aperol, spiced hibiscus tea, passionfruit, and lime juice

*our falernum and orgeat contain almonds
***many gins, including Gray Whale, are distilled using almonds


0% Alcohol  - 100% Fun

Red Planet … 14

The Pathfinder Hemp & Root, spiced hibiscus tea, raspberry, lime

Feathered Friend … 13

Wilderton Lustre, Giffard Aperitif, pineapple juice, lime

Just for the Halabas … 14

Coconut Cream, cantaloupe, yuzu, lime leaf, lime juice, Jøyus non-alcoholic sparkling wine

For parties of 8 or more, we charge a 20% automatic gratuity. 100% is retained by the business.
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